“Justice is not a fossil” (Jaume Brufau Prats) – “Made the trap…” (Rafa Villaró Bastons) – “Consciousness can only exist in a way and it is by being aware that it exists “(Jean Paul Sartre) “The first Justice is conscience” (Victor Hugo) – “If we educate children it will not be necessary to punish men” (Pythagoras) – “Justice is the awareness that you are already what you want to be” (Jean Neville Goddard) – “Justice is a woman, do not mistreat her” (Elisabet Ferran Planas) – “There is neither good nor bad use of freedom of expression, there is only insufficient use” (Raoul Vaneigem) – “The law is the abuser of justice” (CIJ) – “As many rules as there are deficits of respect are necessary in the relationships between the people of a society” – “Justice at the service of Law or Law at the service of Justice? YOU choose” (CIJ) – “Justice is an agreement not to attack us” (Epicurus) – “Justice, Beauty and Harmony are the same thing” CiJ –

CIJ is a transnational, transgenerational, inclusive, fighter and brave entity committed to the well-being and growth of people and their happiness.

CiJ accepts the principles of humanism as its own commitment to the objectives and methods, expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Affirms peace, freedom, individual and collective dignity of people, personal independence and mutual respect, brotherhood, harmony, scientific knowledge, critical thinking, compassion, tenderness, generosity, kindness, empathy, courage, responsibility, peaceful conflict resolution, active and comprehensive listening, the transparency and ethics in all its processes.

CIJ assumes a commitment to nature. We declared ourselves green and digital.

CiJ Shares the sustainable development of peace and justice that the United Nations promotes.

CIJ takes into account the gender perspective in all of its actions.

CIJ is open to all who share and host these principles without distinction between sex, race, religion or nationalities.

“Practice a fair Justice. Practice a Human Justice. Practice a Healing Justice”
Who are we?

We are thirsty for justice. We are not happy with the justice we have nor how it works. We think that we have progressively disconnected from this essential value of our existence. Without conscience there is no justice. It is essential to rediscover and reconcile ourselves with the most genuine justice, the most sensitive and humane, the one that responds to our real needs. We need to transform ourselves to transform justice. We can no longer postpone the decision to choose between justice or barbarism. If we want to live in freedom we must choose the correct option. We are a HUB that shelters projects of those who embrace the principles, values and objectives of Awareness and Justice. (Consciència i Justicia)

What do we do?

We create, develop, teach and advise on the development of practical, real and effective programs and ethical justice protocols. We also develop training workshops, courses, conferences and all kinds of actions, claims, campaigns, etc., aimed at all ages and professions. We educate in justice to prevent crime and seek personal and community well-being and growth. We take our actions in schools, officials, legal operators in general and any organization (cultural, city councils, political parties, companies ...) that feel the need to change their individual and collective relationship with the value of justice.

How do we do it?

Our principles and values, the restorative point of view and Non-Violent Communication are the epicenter of all our actions. We work together cooperatively and collaboratively with other entities that share our goals. Brotherhood, courage, tenacity, kindness and understanding drive our mission and all your actions. We help to shift the inner talents of each one by providing the tools to live in peace, feel and build justice in freedom, the right we want, also their limits, in a context of increasingly complex challenges and conflicts posed by the digital age.

We function as a platform, a friendly and empathetic meeting place based on active and understanding listening. A refuge to activate projects of any person or entity that endorses the principles and values of CiJ

 Boost your project with us.

 If you have a thirst for justice and  you want to build Justice from Consciousness, this is your place. We embrace people who want to change our world and our  justice.

Justice is sick... there is no right! Let's look atthe beginning,it is inefficient, slow, partialized, dehumanized, unfair ... We study the symptoms / We look for the causes / We find and apply remedies and care / We build healthy justice.

• Concepció Arenal (1820-1893)
• Cornelia Sorabji (1866-1954)
• Clara Campoamor (1888-1972)
• Victoria Kent (1898-1987)
• Maria Soteras Mauri (1905-1976)
• Maria Telo (1915-2014)



Cross-disciplinary and motivational conversations from December 2021

Conscience and Justice will offer, as of December 2021, conversations
transversal and transdisciplinary motivational programs, with the aim of building a more
just, more humane and healing, connected with secular spirituality. A new inspired Justice
in the benevolence and in the ethical and moral values ​​that we need, as well as all the roots
necessary to generate trust and individual and collective well-being in people.

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